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The Diana and Allan Morganthau Charitable Trust

The Diana and Allan Morgenthau Charitable Trust offers grants to charitable organisations undertaking a range of charitable projects, including those in the following areas:

  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Overseas aid.
  • The arts.
  • Reduction of poverty.
Applications should be made in writing and sent by post to the Trust’s Administrator. The trust does not maintain a website or state any maximum or minimum funding.
Allan Morgenthau The Diana and Allan Morganthau Charitable Trust
274a Kentish Town Road
0207 4931904

Grants up to £150k for orgs with turn over over £250k (Fidelity Foundation)

The Fidelity UK Foundation, established in 1988 by the Chairman of Fidelity Investments, focuses its charitable investments on strategic initiatives that will strengthen and scale up UK registered charities that are widely recognised as making an impact in their sector.

The Foundation seeks to make investments that have significant potential for measurable return, wider leverage and fundamental, lasting change. Charitable investments are mainly directed towards organisations serving beneficiaries in London, Kent and Surrey and operating in the following sectors:

  • Arts, culture and heritage - including nationally significant heritage sites, internationally recognised museums and class-leading organisations in the visual and performing arts.
  • Community - particularly early interventions and charities that help young and/or disadvantaged people achieve their potential.
  • Education - particularly initiatives that improve education outcomes for the disadvantaged, from early years through to transition to work.
  • Health - including disability, palliative care and centres of excellence involved in ground-breaking research and treatments to address chronic illness (with a particular focus on investment in specialist equipment).
  • Environment - particularly preservation and sustainable initiatives that have a positive impact on the natural world.

Up to £3000 for projects benefiting local communities (Ford Britain Trust)

The Ford Britain Trust offers grant funding to not-for-profit organisations, registered charities and schools for projects which benefit the local community and environment, children and young people, mainstream schools and education, special needs education and people with disabilities.

Up to £10k forprojects benefiting Peabody residents

This year the maximum grant request has been doubled to £10,000, and two-year funding will be available for the first time. 

The Peabody Community Grants programme exists to support projects and activities designed to improve the quality of life of Peabody residents and the wider community. Projects must align with one or more of the three fund themes:

  • Healthy –  helping people with their physical and mental wellbeing  
  • Happyhelping people make the most out of their lives through active citizenship, volunteering and community involvement
  • Wealthysupporting people to become financially independent through employment, enterprise and education


The fund is able to support ongoing/regular activities benefitting residents of all ages and priority will be given to:

  • Organisations/projects addressing the needs of the most disadvantaged members of the community
  • Peabody resident-led projects. If an applicant organisation is not resident-led, they will need to demonstrate strong connections with local residents, strong partnership working in the locality, a commitment to the locality after the proposed project is complete, and a clear understanding of community needs
  • Youth-led projects up to the age of 24
  • There will also be restricted funds for projects supporting Peabody residents living in Waltham Forest and Thamesmead (on the Bexley/Greenwich boroughs border)

Note: Activities must demonstrate the beneficiaries will primarily be Peabody residents. To find out where Peabody estates are near you, please refer to the Peabody website.

Income Threshold: Applicants must have an annual income of less than £100,000. However, organisations with an annual income of under £500,000 are eligible to apply if they have a proven track record of working with Peabody residents.

Closing date 9th January

full information here

Are you working wih people prior to hospital admission, in hospital and discharge?

If so please get in touch and let us know what you do. We are working ot get a complete list of VCSE organisations supporting people pre and post hospital and those preventing admission to support a VCSE offer under the forth coming neighbourhood City & Hackney Neighbourhood and Care Services tender. Please contact to let us know what you are doing or for more information.

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