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NHS England - Co-production to Support Personalised Care on national grant

One grant is available for a non-profit-making organisation to grow and sustain the capacity of people with lived experience, and family members, to co-produce, co-design and co-deliver the development of personal health budgets and a range of other initiatives aimed at giving choice and control to patients and the public.

NHS England eTendering Service

Hackney CVS Training and Workshops November - January

Hackney CVS Training and Workshops November - January

For further information or to book visit:

Using IT and available resources for monitoring, evaluation and compliance training session. This practical training session aims to provide an understanding of Data Protection Principles, Data Sharing Protocols, and Collection and Managing good quality data using the MS Access service user database. We have developed an MS Access database that will help you improve your data entry procedures, recording, storing and reporting. 
Date: 22nd November Time: 10:30- 1:30am  Venue: Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ
For further information or to book visit:


Health & Safety at Work Essentials. This introductory course is for people with health and safety responsibilities in community and voluntary sector organisations, who want to learn about the rights to working in a safe and healthy environment and how to enforce these rights.
Date: 15th January 2018 Time: 1.00- 4.00pm Venue: Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ
For further information or to book visit:

Basic Risk Assessment. This introductory course will identify what should be considered when carrying out a risk assessment and will equip learners with the basic knowledge necessary to take on health and safety responsibilities and play a part in making workplaces safer.  
Date: 23rd January 2018 Time: 1.00- 4.00pm Venue: Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ
For further information or to book visit:

Mental Health First Aid Lite. Rethink deliver an internationally recognised and certificated Mental Health First Aid training. This is an introductory three-hour mental health awareness course. This session will be a mix of presentations, discussions, and group work activities. After attending this course you will receive an Adult MHFA Lite manual as well as an attendance certificate from MHFA England. Date: 25th January 2018 Time: 09.45am- 1.00pm Venue: Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ

For further information or to book visit:


For all other enquiries email:


What’s Going on in Hackney Wick?

Source By: Wickaward

It’s all change in Hackney Wick – Please join us to find out more about the development of the area. 

Mathieiu Rogers and Lorna Blake from Hackney Council and Hannah Lambert from LLDC will present the latest plans for the area to people who live and work in Hackney Wick. 

Following the presentation join residents from the Wick Award Partnership for refreshments  and the chance to talk  about how local residents can benefit from the changes in the area.

When: Wednesday December 6 5.30- 7.00pm

Where: Trowbridge Community Hall, E9 5HF

We hope that you will join us for this event and will forward this information to neighbours in Hackney Wick. 

Express your interest: Introduction to Safeguard Adults in City and Hackney

Source By: HCVS

Are you a group that supports Hackney residents

Do you want to protect the dignity of all adults with care and support needs

The local safeguarding board wants to support more active citizens, residents and small orgnisations to know about safeguarding adults. 

Residents and frontline groups are invited to book up to 90 minutes per session. 

You can access free training and learn how to protect your family,  friends and neighbours from abuse.

Please email your request to or by telephone on 02079231962 Text 07534 028 144

A B Charitable Trust £11,000 to address the needs of the most marginalised

Source Funding Central

Application Deadline:

01 December 2017
Grants are available for small to medium-sized charities registered and working in the UK that defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals in the UK.


Minimum Turnover:
£ 150,000
Fund Value:
£ 1,000,000
Maximum Value:
£ 20,000
Minimum Value:
£ 10,000
Average Value:
£ 11,000

Value Notes

The Trust has approximately £1 million to award in grants each year.

The grants range in size, with most grants being in the range of £10,000 to £20,000. The average grant is about £11,000.

This is a highly competitive fund with nearly 300 applications being submitted last year and of those only 80 charities received a grant.

Extended Description

The A B Charitable Trust (ABCT), an independent, UK based grant-making organisation, is concerned with promoting and defending human dignity and human rights. The Trust's focus is on unpopular causes reaching the most vulnerable and marginalised in society.

The Trust offers funding to UK registered charities that are working to defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals whatever their circumstances.

Latest Information

The deadlines for applications are 15 September 2017, 1 December 2017, 2 March 2018 and 18 May 2018.

Key Criteria

Charities registered and working in the UK can apply.

Charities should have an annual income of between £150,000 and £1.5 million and no substantial investments or surpluses.

Eligible Expenditure

ABCT supports charities working where human dignity is imperilled and where there are opportunities for human dignity to be affirmed.

To be eligible, projects should address at least one of the following categories:

  • Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Prisoners and penal reform.
  • Human rights, particularly access to justice.

There is particular interest in charities that seek to address the needs of the most marginalised and neglected groups in society.

The funding can be used for core costs.

Examples of previously funded charities include:

  • Assist Sheffield
  • Asylum Support Appeals Project
  • Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile
  • City of Sanctuary
  • Great Yarmouth Refugee Support
  • Oasis Cardiff
  • Positive Action in Housing
  • Women's Therapy Centre
  • Blackfriars Advice Centre
  • Norfolk Community Law Service
  • Disability Law Service
  • Bounceback Foundation
  • Hibiscus Initiatives
  • Prison Reform Trust
  • Vision Housing Consultancy Service


The following are ineligible for support:

  • Individuals.
  • Charities with large national or international links.
  • Charities working overseas.

ABCT does not fund charities that are principally concerned with the following:

  • Animals.
  • Children.
  • Environment.
  • Formal education.
  • Medicine.
  • Religion.
  • Research.

Capital appeals are not normally supported.

Application Procedure

An online application form must be submitted with a funding proposal, no longer than 1,200 words in Microsoft Word format, including background, aims and objectives, activities and achievements.

Once the application form has been submitted, the applicant will receive a reference number which must be submitted to the Director along with supporting paper documents:

  • Organisation proposal overview.
  • Signed copy of the charity's latest accounts/statements, with a reporting date that is no more than 12 months prior to the application deadline.
  • The organisation's latest management accounts and the projected surplus/deficit for the current financial year.
  • Up to two items of publicity material that illustrate the work of the charity, such as annual reviews or leaflets.

Contact the A B Charitable Trust for further information.

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download on this site - please see the downloadable files on the right hand panel at the top of this page - or alternatively please check the funding body’s own website.

Contact details:
Sara Harrity MBE
A B Charitable Trust (ABCT)
Monmouth House
87-93 Westbourne Grove
W2 4UL
020 7313 8070

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