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Mental Health SIG Meeting

The Mental Health Special Interest Group (The Group) exists to provide a forum in the London Borough of Hackney, and City of London, for anyone who has an interest in the provision of mental health services. The group is a sub-group of the City and Hackney Health and Social Care Forum.

Date to review the MHSIG Terms of reference is January 2019

Mental Health SIG - Action Notes 07 02 2017

User Involvement:

  • Shamima to speak to Healthwatch and invite patient user rep to MHSIG Meetings

Integrated City & Hackney Wellbeing Network:

  • Krishna to arrange a meeting regarding learning from network, how it worked for the clients and what the barriers are.  (review meeting)
  • Bring together network leads, local authority, CCG, Public Health and commissioners.
  • Invite Penny Bevan, Director of Public Health LB Hackney
  • Cynthia Davis, Head of Commissioning, Children, Adults and Community Health, LB Hackney
  • Simon Galczynski, Director of Adult Services
  • Anne Canning, Group Director Children, Adults and Community Health, LB Hackney
  • Rhiannon England, CCG
  • David Maher, CCG
  • Dean Henderson, ELFT.
  • Krishna to lead on a review meeting, with support from Jake and to decide whether the meeting should be HSCF Structure or Network Structure.

Transformation Board:

  • Shamima to share MHSIG Members contact details to Jake to forward Transformation board papers and the unplanned care-year 4 paper.
  • Shamima to send MHSIG members list of HSCF Reps on the Transformation board
  • Jake to send Shamima integrated commissioning papers to send to MHSIG members.
  • Penny Bevan leads on Prevention strand - Jake suggested to invite Penny Bevan to future MHSIG meeting

Mental Health SIG Terms of reference:

  • Shamima to include Community Safety partnership board on part 8 (links of network) on the MHSIG terms of reference.
  • Jake suggested to invite Caroline Selman who is the cabinet member lead for community safety to future MHSIG meeting – Jake to send contact details

Meeting with the Mayor:

  • Shamima to circulate the notes from the Mayor meeting to all next week (13/02)
  • HSCF to invite Mayor to the HSCF Forum meeting

Government Suicide Mental Health Prevention Strategy:

  • Nursel to send the report to Shamima to circulate to all
  • To email Penny Heron the report and find out Hackney’s response.
  • To ask Gareth Wall for the suicide figures locally (perhaps breakdown of ethnicity)
  • If the level of suicide rises, to email Ann Mun (chair of scrutiny) and Jarlath O’Connell (Scrutiny Lead officer) what the topics are for the coming year if Mental Health is one of the topics to raise suicide stats.
  • Jake suggested to invite Jarlath to future MHSIG meeting
  • Krishna to find out the suicide figures locally.
  • Nursel to find out the suicide figures for Turkish community

Other Actions:

  • Shamima/Jackie to invite Simon Galczynski (Head of Adult Social Care) to MHSIG Meeting – Jake to send contact details
  • Shamima to send future MHSIG invites to
  • Joint Fundraising ideas – invite Lorna (Hackney CVS Fundraiser) to next meeting to find out what other sources are there in terms of funding.

Agenda for next meeting – Draft

  • Transformation Board (agreed to have that as a standing item on the agenda)
  • Suicide Audit
  • Joint fundraising ideas, Lorna Davies Hackney CVS Fundraiser

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 2pm-4pm

Venue: Off Centre, Units 1-3, 68-82 Digby Road, London, E9 6HX

The next meeting to be chaired by Paul Monks, Core Arts

If you wish to attend this meeting please email


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