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Healthier places and communities - Kings Fund Strategy

Well Street Common Neighbourhood Reports and Resources


Well Street Common Neighbourhood Profile Report (2018), produced by Public Health, gives population data for the Neighbourhood. It has helped inform priorities for the Neighbourhood.



Our first event was held in April 2019; Open Space. It started to explore the priorities for the Neighbourhood and the people working or living in the Neighbourhood who are interested in working together. 


Our first Well Street Common Neighbourhood Partnership Forum was held in September 2019. There is a summary of the survey and mapping of 40 local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations providing services in the Neighbourhood in the report. There were four workshops held at the meeting, and the report contains key themes and priorities.


- Fundraising and Development

- Training and Skills Sharing

- Resident Engagement and Community Information Points

- How will we work together?


Health as a social movement

The RSA and NESTA were commissioned by NHS England to explore a movement for change - health as a social movement full report here

The 8 principles:

Populaton Health

The Kings Fund report on population health

Fair Society Healthy Lives- Marmot Report 2018

Fair Society Healthy Lives report 2018

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