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Resource pack for East London - Integrated Care System

Tools to support ‘Place-based approaches for reducing health inequalities’- Civic support


Organisations interested in being based at 324 Queensbridge Roaf (Marie Lloyd)


alternatives to acute hospital care for people over 65 years of age being considered for potentially avoidable admission

 Some headings:


  • It talks about the range of both acute and chronic ambulatory care pathways which could be considered for over 65.


  • It also talks about the fact that alternative care to hospital at the point of potential acute admission for the population over 65 years is broadly safe with comparable mortality and clinical outcomes for a range of acute and chronic conditions.
    • It did not look at qualitative research and patient experience which it recognises as a next step in the research needed


  • It talks about the difficulty of assessing potential cost savings – this is simply not widely available from the evidence we currently have available in the UK
    • This suggests need for caution about optimistic assumptions about some schemes delivering immediate/significant savings on costs to the system

IVAR Empowered Communities report - Big Local 2018


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