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Well Street Common Neighbourhood Working Groups


Training and Skills Sharing in our Neighbourhood

Our priorities for training and skills sharing;

Everyone in our community is entitled to shape that community. These training events will be a chance for our lived experience to help develop local services, to learn new skills and for all of our voices to be heard. Together we will develop resources which benefit everyone in our community. The programme summary includes priorities and a plan for future training and skills-sharing in Well Street Common Neighbourhood.


Contact for upcoming training events.

Fundraising and Development in our Neighbourhood

Our priorities for funding and development work;

Fears about what it takes to secure funding remains an obstacle for many local groups and organisations in need of financial support. Our aim is to build confidence and skills, addressing fears of failure and disappointment that stop many from taking those first steps. The programme summary includes priorities and a plan for fundraising and development support for Well Street Common Neighbourhood.


Contact for further information

Resident Consultation and website

Our Goal: Define, gather and prioritise what information would like featured/ would find useful on a website

Outcomes: Co-designed a project vision, prioritised a list of ‘must haves, could haves’ and defined next steps for the Well Street Common Neighbourhood resident website

Our vision

As a resident in Hackney

I want to go to a website and receive an interest based newsletter

To find and share what services, activities, spaces are available

So that I can get to know my neighbours, reduce stigma around ‘difficult’ health and care topics, and know I have the support of my community


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