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What is the VCSE Transformation Leadership Group?

The VCSE TLG Leadership group has been set up to ensure that the VCSE can contribute strategically to the redesign of the City and Hackney  health and care  systems to create the best support for local residents.

We know the breadth of skill and insight you have as local organisations and we want to ensure that this knowledge is fed into the planning systems.


Who are the VCSE Transformation Leadership Group?

The VCSE TLG are made up of local sector leaders and workers who have been through a transparent selection process, either as workstream / enabler group representatives or as Network representatives. (Each network decides how best to do this) A list of current VCSE TLG members is here . We have vacancies for Planned Care, Communications and Co-production and Prevention  and will shortly be agreeing the method for  network representatives from the Hackney Advice Forum and Hackney Refugee and MIgrant Forum. Please contact for more information.

How Does the VCSE TLG fit into the Integrated Commissioning and  Care System (ICCS) Structure ?

The chart below shows the current position/ plan. We are working on plans that we will be  consulting  on

  • how we think the VCSE infrastructure could be developed over the next few years ,
  • the roles that the VCSE play in the ICS and where they 'fit'in the ICCS structure.


The VCSE TLG grew out of the HSCF steering group so the leadership group recently reviewed its governance and have developed a memorandum of Understanding that we would like to consult with you on. We will shortly be publishing links to all these sections and want your views.

The memorandum covers

Background - including ICS Vision and Values

The VCSE Transformation Leadership Group Values,Mission, Aims and Enablers 

VCSE TLG Membership; Decision making protocols and Chairing - Role of VCSE Transformation Leadership Group members on boards and workstreams of the ICS

Code of Conduct including;   Mutual non disclosure agreement;  Confidentiality -

Conflicts of Interest


Want to get involved - click here for details

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