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Health & Social Care Resources

How to get Medical Help in London - guide for refugees and migrants in 21 languages

Access to primary health care

14 FEBRUARY 2012

A new guide to support access to primary health care for refugees and migrants.

This booklet, How can I get medical help in London?,
provides an easy to follow guide to accessing primary health care in
the capital. The booklet takes the user through the steps they need to
take in order to access primary health care. It

Services users who are eligible for personal budgets in Hackney as of March 2012 by service use and ethnicity & age -

This excel sheet has been given to us by LBH at our request to help organisations plan what services they might offer to people who meet the FACs criteria and could have a personal budget or Self Directed Support

“The Handy Guide” Tendering and Procurement by Tendering for Care

The Handy Guide to Tendering and Procurement

The purpose of this guide is to provide information for those who may not be directly involved in the preparation of tenders, but nevertheless need to be well informed with regard to the legal basis for tendering and procurement. For example: Trustees and Directors of Charities; Directors of Companies; Senior and Middle Managers; Those engaged in advising other organisations on the tendering and procurement processes.

Protecting the Independence of the Voluntary Sector in 2012

 Click here for the report funded and initiated by the Baring Foundation
Independence is, and always has been, a critical issue for the voluntary sector. It lies at the heart
of what makes it distinctive, effective and necessary: allowing the design and delivery of services
and other activities that respond sensitively to diverse needs, and providing an informed and robust

Making the Case - Social Added Value

Source  Social Economy Scotland
The guide helps organisations in the social economy to demonstrate the social added value that is intrinsic to services they deliver. It offers a recognised way to measure the positive benefits of these activities will help when seeking further investment.

The guide outlines what social added value is and why it should be measured as well as looking at the environment in which social enterprises and voluntary organisations operate.

Start-Up ToolKit; For setting up a charity

This is a guide to people who would like to set up a voluntary organisation, this guides you on all the steps needed to take in order to have a succeful business

Planning Procces;

This is about planning strategic operational and business moves, this plan is easy and helps you to understand how to plan and how it will be effective and benefit you in the future.

ELCVS Plan for success

Tools to help you meet the challenges of the economic downturn and prepare you for the economic upturn

Governance Principals

 A Code for the voluntary and Community sector

Premises Fact Finder; A self help guide for community and voluntary organisations.

The premises fact finder is a new resource for community and voluntary sector
organisations in London. It brings all the key questions that may be asked about
finding, occupying, managing or maintaining buildings into one place, and gives
information and signposting to organisations specialising in help and advice on
premises issues and to useful publications and websites.