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New developments – the Well Street Common Neighbourhood partnership pilot

The Well Street Common Neighbourhood partnership pilot brings together voluntary and community groups working in the Well Street Common Neighbourhood alongside GPS, residents, NHS and Council services. The first partnership event was held on 19 September and was attended by over 90 people. 

Katie Barton, Neighbourhoods Voluntary Sector Programme Manager, is your main point of contact to find out more about the Well Street Common Neighbourhood pilot, and is tasked with bringing everyone together in a series of events and meetings to work together to decide how we will work in partnership.

Read on for Katie's update on new developments in the Well Street Common Neighbourhood, and contact for more information.

 What is the integrated care agenda and what does this mean for Hackney residents?

In simple terms, it’s helping the organisations and services that care for local residents work better together; listening, developing and planning services with individuals, families and community groups to understand and meet local needs.

What does integrated care mean for Hackney’s voluntary and community sector?

The Integrated Care System has organised the health and care system into eight Neighbourhoods. All eight Neighbourhoods have a ‘Primary Care Network’ (PCN) made up of GPs. They have funding for social prescribers.

For the commissioned and or borough wide voluntary sector, contracts and service are likely to be aligned to these Neighbourhoods so it is important to start thinking now about how your services / staff can be configured to work with the Neighbourhoods.

If you have questions or need support with this please email Hackney CVS’ Director of Communities and VCS Strategy, Jackie Brett:

For community organisations it should mean closer working with local GPs , adult social care and social prescribers, and other VCSE organisations, with  better recognition for your activities.

Through this pilot we will be exploring and coproducing a VCSE  Neighbourhood structure which will enable the VCSE to develop referral pathways and input strategically into plans for the Neighbourhood.

What are the priorities for the Well Street Common Neighbourhood Partnership Pilot? What do you hope the partnership will achieve?

We held an initial event in April, Open Space, which started to identify the priorities for the Neighbourhood and people who are interested in working together. Meeting with individual organisations as part of a ‘mapping’ of support offered locally helped gather more information on how we might work together looking at five main areas;

  • creating access points for residents to find out about local support
  • identify gaps in services offered locally and jointly fundraise to meet these needs
  • to share skills, expertise and develop training together
  • to get to know other groups and agencies working locally so that we can all work together better
  • to develop a mechanism/structure  for VCSE to work together beyond the life of this pilot in the Neighbourhood

 You recently held a community event for the partnership. How did it go and what did it achieve?

It was fantastically well attended by over 90 people including residents, GPs, staff and volunteers from the community and voluntary sector, frontline staff from health and social care services as well as local Councillors and commissioners.

There was a lot of energy, enthusiasm and engagement with some brilliant ideas generated. We will be developing a skills sharing / training plan from this event and developing our capacity building offer which will include 1-1 fundraising support and longer term consortia bid work. We look forward to sharing a report from this event with you in the next couple of weeks.

If voluntary and community sector want to influence Health and Social Care services, what can they do?

If you are based or deliver services in Well Street Common Neighbourhood please get involved in our pilot – contact for more information.  If you are not based in the area, please join the Health & Social Care Forum – contact  

Hackney CVS is supporting an independent VCSE Transformation Leadership Group that sets the strategy for VCSE involvement in the Integrated Care System. We will shortly be consulting on the Memorandum of Understanding for this and recruiting new members for this group.

If residents want to influence Health and Social Care services, what can they do?

We’re really keen to involve residents that live or access services in the Well Street Common Neighbourhood area, so please get in touch with

If you live in another area of Hackney and you are interested in getting involved in the future, contact Healthwatch Hackney (Marta Meli

When does the pilot finish and what will happen afterwards?

Though the team of staff tasked with supporting the development of the partnership are funded until August 2020; we are prioritising identifying a Lead Organisation and a partnership structure that will ensure that this work will continue into the future.  We will then be testing this structure with other Hackney Neighbourhoods.



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